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Letter Writing Campaign Encourage pivotal sports figures to speak out about homophobia in men's
pro sports.


This Resources section is in development, although quite a bit of material is ready for your perusal now. It includes articles, videos and websites of interest as well as other information related to homophobia in sports and gay youth.

Many of our interviewees have contributed articles, books and video presentations about homophobia in sports. You will find links to those materials on this page.

Please be patient as we add new pages.

If you are an organization, or an individual contributing to this cause and would like to be listed on our Resources page, please contact us at: and put the word “Resources” in the subject heading, along with your name or the name of your organization. Or Contact Us on this website and provide the same information.

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Articles of interest (in development / partial listing)

Videos of interest (in development / partial listing)

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History of LGBT athletes  

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