THANK YOU for engaging in a vital aspect of our campaign. Your donation creates an opportunity to hear from sports figures whose voices about homophobia in sports can make a difference.


DONATION SUGGESTIONS - (All donations are tax deductible through Woman Vision’s 501(c)3 non-profit exemption )

$10 – $25 - Major Leaguer – we appreciate whatever you can afford

$50 or less – All Star – we still appreciate whatever you can afford

$100MVP – we only need 15-20 more like this to do our next interviews

$1500Hall of Famer – buys a day of interviews

$2000 or more – G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All time) – we will cry real tears of joy




Each interview we collect, each voice we hear from, adds to the chorus. When these voices are finally loud enough and an apparent safety net is created, our gay sports heroes will be encouraged to come forward. For young people struggling with self-acceptance and for those youth who are bullied every day at school because of who they are, this man can be an agent of positive change – especially for young gay athletes who lack role models in the sports world.



All tax-deductible donations to Woman Vision for The Last Closet campaign project are restricted for use by that campaign.

To date, we have completed over two dozen in-depth video interviews with leading sports figures, experts in the field of homophobia in sports, young out athletes, sports journalists and educators. We are keeping our production expenses to a minimum, but each interview comes with a price tag. Your donation helps pay for the video crew and equipment, travel (in some cases), transcriptions of the interviews, edit time, etc. For those of you unfamiliar with video production, an average day of production costs $1500 on the low end for a professional crew with a camera, sound and lighting package. We are filming in High Definition video, now the industry standard. Ultimately, we may use this footage to create a documentary film.