Posted by | January 13th 2013

The Last Closet team is prepared to ask two key questions: “Will you invite your gay players to come out?” and “Would you be willing to provide viable safety nets for these athletes once they do come out?” What other questions would you like to ask the owners? You can post questions to individual owners, or general questions directed to all. Also feel free to make general comments about this campaign. We encourage inquiry and debate.

4 Responses to “Ask the Owners a Question”

margaret hegarty

So grateful for men like Chris Kluwe.
How ’bout you?

Mel Cole

How can SF let Chris C. play in the Super Bowl after his idiot remarks. At some point, an apololgy from a homophobic jock is, nor will be enough. And just because the management says, we don’t agree with that, sets, all right. Ban him from the game and show the world, you are not just BSing us.



Some folks feel that unless he issued a direct gay slur to someone, he is entitled to his opinions. He didn’t direct his comment directly to anyone, he just (and I use the word “just” loosely) basically said he didn’t like gay people. I agree that action should be taken, but it needs to start at the top and it needs to be formalized rather than randomized – a fine here a suspension there doesn’t quite do the trick. You are right, at some point apologies will not be enough. We hope with enough voices being heard that the sports hierarchy institutes firm rules and regulations that address this kind of behavior. If you haven’t yet, do send a letter to the owners on our campaign page asking them to speak out about this issue.